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The Reservation Process Q&A

Step 1. Get A Quote: Check Availability & Prices

We must first check your requested vehicle availability with your trip details: travel dates & your desired city of pick up and return. If the vehicle is available, we prepare and send a rental quote for you showing the rental cost breakdown.

The rental quote can be emailed or text to you. NOTE: There is No Obligation at this point from you or from us. Only a paid confirmed reservation can insure you have a slot for one of our specialty rental vehicles.


The free rental quote process or random emails do NOT hold a particular vehicle for you. The rental quote simply indicates that at that EXACT moment (AND ONLY FOR THAT EXACT MOMENT) it is available for your indicated trip details and what the current market rental rate is for the vehicle. Both are subject to change in mimutes; and yes, it can change while you are even on the phone with us. During high seasonal demand throughout the year, quotes for the exact same vehicle are being issued to mulitple guest at the same time. Any vehicle can be rented out to any other guest that requests it as long as it is available. 

We only have a limited supply of inventory so we operate under a 

STRICT First-Come-Fist-Serve Reservation Basis 

Subject To Seasonal Demand & Availability. Color Not Guaranteed. Tax & Delivery Extra
Step 2. Turn Rental Quote Into A Reservation
If you like the rental quote, simply call us on the phone and a live US based customer service rep will help you turn your rental quote into a reservation thus assigning you to your particular vehicle for your travel dates and times. The full reservation amount will be charged on your credit card at this time. The rental security deposit is not taken until your rental starts.
Step 3. Provide Basic Rental Docs
Providing the normal type documents is done completely through email and might take you 2 minutes.
We need a Snap Pic or screenshot of the fillowing. Snap Pics means smart phone photo picture. We do NOT accept photo copies or scanned copies of any required rental documents.
It is easest to do this by simply replying to our Welcome email sent to you requesting the travel documents after the reservation has been completed; however, you can open a new email or simply text us the rental documents if you find that easier. 
  • Driver license of each driver
  • Insurance card/documnet snap pic or screenshoot showing that each driver has full coverage auto insurance or is an assigned driver on the policy of the main renter. We will call EACH renters provided insurance information to confirm it is in full effect at the time the rental is picked up and we will call each day the rental is in process to confirm that no changes are made to the coverages.
  • Snap pic of the credit card making the payment for the rental: front & Back.
    1. We need to CLEARLY see the last 4 digits of the credit card number with all the other digits blocked out by a pen, pencil, key, or anything else you have available.
    2. We need to see the name on the credit card
    3. We need to see the issuing bank.
    4. We need to be able to clearly make out if the payment credit card is a credit card or debit card. Debit cards that process like a credit card are NOT credit cards and will be treated as a debit card for all rental policys. You can always settle your final bill using a debit card, PayPal, Venmo, etc if you choose. 

In about 24 hours of After we recieve your rernal docs, our processing department will review them and reply back to you that all is in order or if we need something else.  

After that, we just wait for your travel dates to arrive.

The Delivery & Return Process Q&A 

Step 4. Wait For Your Rental Dates To Arrive

After you have sent your rental docs into us there is nothing to do at that point but wait for your travel dates to arrive.

The required security usage deposit will be taken the day before or the day of your scheduled arrival.


This security deposit is held for 14 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER your rental has ended. We will subtract any charges you may have collected during your trip such as tolls, tickets, the credit card processing fee and return the remaining balance to your credit card used.

Step 5. Picking Up Your Vehicle

About an hour before your scheduled arrival, you will receive the following in your email:

  • The rental e-agreement.  You can simply sign your rental agreement on your smart phone with your finger in less than 2 minutes.
  • The Vehicle Condition / Location Pics
    • This email will show exactly where your vehicle is wating for you and it will provide a complet set of pictures showing you the condition of your vehicle upon delivery. Simply have a look around your vehicle to confirm the pictures represent the true condition of the vehicle , get your keys, and start your trip.

It’s really just that easy 

Step 6. Return Your Vehicle

Return Instruction text/email will be sent to you shortly after you pick up your specialty rental

When your rental ends:

  1. Simply return your vehicle to the agreed upon location
  2. Collect all your items
  3. Lock the door
  4. Put the key in the cup holder & close the door
  5. Send us a picture of your vehicle parked in its agreed upon location. When we get your return vehicle picture, we will remotely lock the doors via an application.

Returned vehicle text/email conformation will be sent to you after Valet has picked up your car. This usually takes 24 hours; however, during peak season this step may take up to 48 hours after your vehicle has been returned. 


Yes, it is just that easy. 

Hope to see you again real soon.

Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers. Thank You


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