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Rental Process. Easy As A, B, C


Get A Rental Quote


Turn Rental Quote Into

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The Reservation Process Q&A

Step 1. Get A Quote: Check Availability & Prices

We must first check your requested vehicle availability with your trip details: travel dates & your desired city of pick up and return. If the vehicle is available, we prepare and send a rental quote for you showing the rental cost breakdown.

The rental quote can be emailed or text to you. NOTE: There is No Obligation at this point from you or from us. Only a paid confirmed reservation can insure you have a slot for one of our specialty rental vehicles.


The free rental quote process or random emails do NOT hold a particular vehicle for you. The rental quote simply indicates that at that EXACT moment (AND ONLY FOR THAT EXACT MOMENT) it is available for your indicated trip details and what the current market rental rate is for the vehicle. Both are subject to change in mimutes; and yes, it can change while you are even on the phone with us. During high seasonal demand throughout the year, quotes for the exact same vehicle are being issued to mulitple guest at the same time. Any vehicle can be rented out to any other guest that requests it as long as it is available. 

We only have a limited supply of inventory so we operate under a 

STRICT First-Come-Fist-Serve Reservation Basis 

Subject To Seasonal Demand & Availability. Color Not Guaranteed. Tax & Delivery Extra
Step 2. Turn Rental Quote Into A Reservation
If you like the rental quote, simply call us on the phone and a live US based customer service rep will help you turn your rental quote into a reservation thus assigning you to your particular vehicle for your travel dates and times. The full reservation amount will be charged on your credit card at this time. The rental security deposit is not taken until your rental starts.
Step 3. Provide Basic Rental Docs
Providing the normal type documents is done completely through email and might take you 2 minutes.
We need a Snap Pic or screenshot of the fillowing. Snap Pics means smart phone photo picture. We do NOT accept photo copies or scanned copies of any required rental documents.
It is easest to do this by simply replying to our Welcome email sent to you requesting the travel documents after the reservation has been completed; however, you can open a new email or simply text us the rental documents if you find that easier. 
  • Driver license of each driver
  • Insurance card/documnet snap pic or screenshoot showing that each driver has full coverage auto insurance or is an assigned driver on the policy of the main renter. We will call EACH renters provided insurance information to confirm it is in full effect at the time the rental is picked up and we will call each day the rental is in process to confirm that no changes are made to the coverages.
  • Snap pic of the credit card making the payment for the rental: front & Back.
    1. We need to CLEARLY see the last 4 digits of the credit card number with all the other digits blocked out by a pen, pencil, key, or anything else you have available.
    2. We need to see the name on the credit card
    3. We need to see the issuing bank.
    4. We need to be able to clearly make out if the payment credit card is a credit card or debit card. Debit cards that process like a credit card are NOT credit cards and will be treated as a debit card for all rental policys. You can always settle your final bill using a debit card, PayPal, Venmo, etc if you choose. 

In about 24 hours of After we recieve your rernal docs, our processing department will review them and reply back to you that all is in order or if we need something else.  

After that, we just wait for your travel dates to arrive.

The Delivery & Return Process Q&A 

Step 4. Wait For Your Rental Dates To Arrive

After you have sent your rental docs into us there is nothing to do at that point but wait for your travel dates to arrive.

The required security usage deposit will be taken the day before or the day of your scheduled arrival.


This security deposit is held for 14 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER your rental has ended. We will subtract any charges you may have collected during your trip such as tolls, tickets, the credit card processing fee and return the remaining balance to your credit card used.

Step 5. Picking Up Your Vehicle

About an hour before your scheduled arrival, you will receive the following in your email:

  • The rental e-agreement.  You can simply sign your rental agreement on your smart phone with your finger in less than 2 minutes.
  • The Vehicle Condition / Location Pics
    • This email will show exactly where your vehicle is wating for you and it will provide a complet set of pictures showing you the condition of your vehicle upon delivery. Simply have a look around your vehicle to confirm the pictures represent the true condition of the vehicle , get your keys, and start your trip.

It’s really just that easy 

Step 6. Return Your Vehicle

Return Instruction text/email will be sent to you shortly after you pick up your specialty rental

When your rental ends:

  1. Simply return your vehicle to the agreed upon location
  2. Collect all your items
  3. Lock the door
  4. Put the key in the cup holder & close the door
  5. Send us a picture of your vehicle parked in its agreed upon location. When we get your return vehicle picture, we will remotely lock the doors via an application.

Returned vehicle text/email conformation will be sent to you after Valet has picked up your car. This usually takes 24 hours; however, during peak season this step may take up to 48 hours after your vehicle has been returned. 


Yes, it is just that easy. 

Hope to see you again real soon.

Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers. Thank You


Exotic Luxury Rental Car & SUV Selection

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Specials Starting $129/Day

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Pick Up & Return 24hrs/7 Days A Week With Confirmed Reservation

Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers. Thank you! 

RESERVATIONS ARE FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED! Prices Subject To Seasonal Demand. Color Not Guaranteed. Tax & Delivery Extra

Customer Service/Order Line


Pick Up and Return Available 24/7 

 With Confirmed Reservation

M-F 9am-6pm / Sat 10am-4pm / Sun 10am-2pm


Send us a few basic details To

–Pick Up Location W Dates & Times

–Return Location W Dates & Times

 We will send you a rental quote showing you the rental cost breakdown

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  • Customer Satisfaction Rate Over in the last TEN THOUSAND Rentals (10,000) 98.6% 98.6%

Lae T.

Love the jeep! Look forward to renting again!   Lae T. 

Brandon A.

Had a great time in a great car!  Brenda A.

Mr. Prather was a 5 star host! He was diligent and took his time explaining the features of this wonderful vehicle. The Vette was impeccable! He was helpful, responsive and courteous. I will do business again and again. A true professional 😁👍🏻  Jimmy P.

Daryl F.

HIGHLY recommendable! Efficient drop off and return. great communication about the vehicle and local area and most importantly, the jeep was amazing and fun to drive!  Daryl F.

5% Extra Discount

To All Active, Reserves, Or Retired

Military, Law Enforcement, & Federal & State Goverment Employees

Proof Of Service Required At Time Of Reservation

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American Express Platinum Card Holders

5% Extra Discount

Just For Using Your Card When Booking 

Call 813-444-8188

_____Fleet Line Up_____ 

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VIP Exotic Luxury Rental Car & SUV Pick Up & Return Available At

Home, Office, Or Other Location

Call For Availablility 813-444-8188

Rental Rules & Policies

Quick Summary Of Rental Requirements
  • Must have a valid driver’s license for at least 3 years; no DUI’s, reckless driving, excessive speeding over 20 mph on your record in the last five (5) years

  • Minimum Rental Age 21. Guest that are 21-25 years old have special requirements. Please read section “Minimum Age Requirements” below

  • International driver license is ok. Please read section “International Travelers Requirements” below

  • Renter(s) MUST demonstrate that they have  full coverage personal auto insurance on at least one vehicle they own: Comp /collision deductibles not more than $1K. Minimum  liability limits very per car but not less than $20k. Exception: Or be listed as a driver on a family member’s insurance  living in the same household. Type of car you have does not matter and any US state will be ok. Most Canadian auto insurance policies will transfer to US rentals. Extra coverage may be needed if Canadian guest are renting cars worth more than $70,000 Canadian dollars. This is accomplished for free by using your credit card that has rental car coverage protection.

  • Commercial auto insurance policies are ok. Coverage must be approved not less than 48 hours before the rental starts

  • Debit Cards Accepted Under Certain Conditions. Please read section “Debit Card Usage


The security hold is dependent on driving record, age, vehicle rented, and method of payment. Please see the requirements listed on each vehicle page. It is held for 14 BUSINESS days after the rental has ended.


Price, availability, & minimum rental period required may change per city without notice. Black-out times apply
Make & Model Of Rental Guaranteed But Not Color; However, 98% Of The Time Exact Color Reserved Is Delivered
International Travelers Welcomed

International Travelers Not From Canada 

  • Guest is required to meet the same good driving rental standars as our American and Canadian guest. Canadain guest are processed the same way as US based guest; however, some Super Exotics require extra considerations
  • We require two US business days in advance of the rental for extra processing time to confirm the guest details
  • Guest must have return flight and show arriving and departing ticket upon submitting rental docs
  • Guests are required to pay for rental with a credit card from an internationally recognized issuer / bank that provides Rental Cars Insurance Coverages. Many banks offer this as a free perk when you use their credit card to pay for the rental. You can confirm this by calling your credit card issuer. We will also confirm this on every rental.
  • Guest are required to purchase extra Libility insurance coverage from a 3rd party provider. The cost is usually extreamly reasonable.
  • Guest can pay required security deposit by any of the other means of payments accepted.
  • All international reservation will have a 20% upcharge due to th added risk we are accepting and the added processing required to make ready the rental
We reserve the right to change any rental rule, cancel or refuse any reservation at any time for any reason we think necessary, and modify any rental policy without notice
Rental Fees

Fee Schedule Of Most Common Items:

  • Smoking in or around rental: $500. Smoking in or around a rental is a HUGE no,no. Please, NO smoking in or around the car.

  • Perfume Cover ups in or around rental: $500. Perfume Cover ups in or around a rental is a HUGE no,no. Please, NO hanging air freshiners or perfume cover ups in or around the car.

  • VIP Pick Up or Return Service is dependent on the location. Guest pays any parking fees.

  • Toll & plate transponder is active on all rentals. We do NOT charge a per day or per trip activation fee. We only charge a transation fee of aprox $ .25 for each time it is used. Never use it and there is no charge. Use it twice and the service fee is only $ .50. Can not get a better deal than that.

  • Basic Cleaning $24.95 if rental is not returned to us in exact same polished, detailed condition we deliver it to guest.

  • State required fees: Sales tax, Licensce recovery fee: $2.00 a day, ect.

  • Tickets parking or otherwise: $59.95 + ticket

  • Gas replacement: $5.95 one time charge + cost of gas

  • Damaged to body: $150 + repair cost

  • Interior dry out if top is left down: $129.95

  • Late return past reservation time WITHOUT our acceptance: $75 per hour 

  • 25%  Young Driver Fee Under 25 Years Old. Fee Can Be Wavied If Renter Shows Above Average Level Of Responsibilty. This Is Totally Our Descretion!

Certain rentals have special considerations that will be explained at the time of delivery. Please fee free to call us if you have any questions.



Fees, rental rules and policies, and vehicle availability are subject to change without notice and at our sole discretion. 
Price, availability, & minimum rental period required may change per city without notice. Black-out times apply
Make & Model Of Rental Guaranteed But Not Color; However, 98% Of The Time Exact Color Reserved Is Delivered
Minimum Rental Age

Minimum Rental – Age 21

We have had many fantastic younger renters; however, the car rental industry classifies all renters under 25 as Young Renters. We welcome young renters but will consider each request on a case by case basis. The minimum requirements accepted from a young renter are as follows:

-Renter must have full coverage auto insurance in their name or be listed as a driver on a family member’s insurance policy living in the same household. If you are a listed driver on another’s policy, we will consider each rental request on a case by case basis. 

-Renter must have a CREDIT CARD (NO DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED) in THEIR name for the rental portion of the contract. Debit cards can be used to post the required security deposit but not for the rental portion.

-Renter must have a valid driver license in their name that has been in good standing for at least 3 years: NO TICKETS FOR DUI, RECKLESS DRIVING, ETC 

-Clean social profile

-Be able to pay for the rental amount on their credit card 

-Pay a 25% upcharge due to being a young renter under 25 years old. No Exceptions

BE RESPECTFUL. We applaud all the successful young renters that have been fortunate enough to make a few bucks and now want to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Two thumbs up! However, there are many restrictions set up by insurance companies and the likes that we have to follow. They simply do not care how much money you have in your pocket today or what some Black Listed  3rd party brokerage website is doing.


Insurance Requirements

For each rental, we call the insurance company to confirm that all provided policy information is accurate and is in good standing for the term on the trip. Each day of the rental term, we call to confirm no changes have been made to the insurance policy provided.

  • All Renter/Drivers Must Have Full Coverage Auto Insurance On A Car They Own In Their Name Or Be Listed As An Additional Driver On A Family Member’s Insurance Policy That Lives In The Same Household. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Comp /collision deductibles not more than $1K.

  • Minimum  liability limits very per car but not less than $20k.

  • Most Canadian auto insurance policies will transfer to US rentals. Extra coverage may be needed if Canadian guest are renting cars worth more than $70,000 Canadian dollars. Commercial auto policy coverage is acceptable must be approved not less than 48 hours before rental starts

We reserve the right to change any rental rule, cancel or refuse any reservation at any time for any reason we think necessary, and modify any rental policy without notice

Debit Cards Policy

Debit Cards Accepted With Condition

  • Debit cards can be used to post the security deposit; Unless using an American Express card for the rental payment. Then both rental and security deposit must be on the same card.

  • Credit / debit card must be in renter’s name and must match their id

We reserve the right to change any rental rule, cancel or refuse any reservation at any time for any reason we think necessary, and modify any rental policy without notice

Other Forms of Payment

We have multiple ways to pay for your rental; however, all the insurance requirements remain

  • ACH payments are accepted  
  • PayPal
  • CashApp, Venmo, & Zelle  
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash is ONLY accepted at the end of a rental if a guest prefers to settle thir account in cash and then only from guest that have all the other documents required to rent a vehicle from us

We reserve the right to change any rental rule, cancel or refuse any reservation at any time for any reason we think necessary, and modify any rental policy without notice

Refund Policy

The vehicle you reserve is the vehicle you get! To do this, we have to pack our schedule very tightly at times; thus, we have to be a little bit sticky with our cancellation policy, no show policy, reschedule policy, and our vehicle return policy. After a reservation is made, we charge your credit card for the full cost of the rental. Here is the basic breakdown:

  • Cancel within 48 hours from the time you make your reservation: 100% refund of all charges.

  • Cancel upto three (3) days before your trip starts: 50% refund of trip price refunded but $0 of the 3rd party billing fees such as Kayak, Priceline, Turo etc if there are any such fees.

  • Cancel within 72 hours of your scheduled pickup time: $0 cash refund. 

Please understand that there are no exceptions to this cancellation policy. And we will do whatever we can to allow you to reschedule to another time that works for both us. We do not mean to sound heartless but you would be amazed at the number of last-minute deaths in the family, serious illnesses, sick pets, sick mothers and mother-in-laws, and falling skies that people tell us about.

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