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Everyone Drives!

The Lease Subscription Process

Easy As A, B, C


Get A Lease / Rental Quote

Showing Monthly Cost


Turn Quote Into

Confirmed Deal With Payment


Pick Up Your Vehicle Or Have It Delivered To You

Everyone Drives!

  • Self Employed – NO PROBLEM 

  • 1099 Employee – NO PROBLEM 

  • No Credit – NO PROBLEM 

  • Bad Credit – NO PROBLEM 

  • Bankruptcy – NO PROBLEM

  • Forgein National – NO PROBLEM

Keeping The “Subscription/Lease” Offer Simple

Our offer is super simple. Drive a cool car without all the hassles of a long term commitment, huge down payment, credit bureau reporting, or debt to income consideration, etc.

You Save Thousands!

Selecting Your Car: You avoid the typical bank application process, debt to income concerns, and used car spin.
Done With Your Car: Simply drive, enjoy, and switch out or return the car when you are done.
It really is just that simple

Everyone Drives!

Cheaper Than Buying Stop Anytime

  • No Large Down Payment

  • No Bank Application Process

  • No Debt-To-Income Concerns

  • No Used Car Spin

  • No Worrying About Selling Car

  • No Huge Value Hits When Selling

 Let’s talk 321-323-9492

Step 1. Get A Lease Quote: Check Availability & Prices


Everyone Drives

Full-Coverage Auto Insurance & Credit/Debit Card. Approved!

You can get a subscription lease/rental cost quote by email us directly. We can be heavily influenced by seasonal demand at certain times of the year. We apologize in advance if we have to call you back from time to time. 


Send us a few basic details To


–Pick Up / Delivery Location With Start Date And End Date

 We will send you a lease quote showing you the monthly cost breakdown


Need a car on short notice, LIKE NOW, simply email us directly at info@Exotic-Luxury-Rental.com and we will check availability and even start the subscription process at the same time. After you choose your vehicle, we can prepare and & send a subscription lease quote to you showing the subscription cost breakdown. We will do our best to accommodate all your needs.


The free subscription lease quote process or random emails do NOT hold a particular vehicle for you. The subscription lease quote simply indicates that at that EXACT moment (AND ONLY FOR THAT EXACT MOMENT) the vehicle is available for your indicated time frame and what the current market subscription lease rate is for the vehicle. Both are subject to change without notice; at peak times this can happen in minutes and it can change while you are even on the phone with us. During high seasonal demand throughout the year, subscription lease quotes for the exact same vehicle are being issued to multiple guests at the same time. Any vehicle can be made available to any other guest that requests it as long as it is available. 

Questions & Answers: Click Here To See Many More

Call Us With Any Questions 


Certain lease subscriptions have special considerations that will be explained at the time of reservation / delivery. Fees, usage rules and policies, and vehicle availability are subject to change without notice and at our sole discretion. Price, availability, & minimum lease subscription period required may change without notice. Black-out times apply.
Step 2. Provide Basic Subscription lease Docs

Everyone Drives

Full-Coverage Auto Insurance & Credit Debit Card. Approved!

The normal type subscription lease documents can be provided completely through email. 

You are required to provide proof of residence and proof of income.

Acceptable proof of residence documents are:

  • Current, (not past-due) utility bill in your name that is less than 30-days old

  • Current, valid lease agreement plus:

    1. Any two additional pieces of mail. Even junk mail is acceptable. Post marks have to be less than 30-days old

  • Current mortgage/rent statement or payments

Acceptable proof of income documents are:

  • 3 most-recent bank statements – all pages – company statements are fine if you are the owner of the account.

Please make sure your documents have your name and residence listed.

Please be sure you send in a full document copy. Stubs, preview images or partial copies will not be accepted.

Once you collect the required documents, email them to booking@Exotic-Luxury-Rental.com. Please allow up to 48 hours for the review of your documents. If you are in a rush, please call us directly 813-444-8188.

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Call Us With Any Questions 


Step 3. Turn Lease Quote Into A Deal

Lease Subscriptions 

A signed deal with a paid “Activation Payment” is the only way we can hold a particular vehicle for your subscription lease term

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Call Us With Any Questions 


Miles Included In Subscription Lease

Mileage is based on total miles used for the entire subscription lease period: date picked up to date returned. Example: Vehicle is enjoyed for 6 months x 1000 allowed miles per month = 6,000 miles allowed total. Milage is figured on how many total miles used for the entire subscription lease period. Additional mileage packages available 

Activation Payment

Each ELR Subscription lease/rental vehicle requires an Activation Setup Payment to initiate your Subscription lease. This is an upfront payment required at the time of reservation. Activation Payments are Non-Refundable. 

We Can Deliver Your Car To You

Exotic Luxury Car & SUV Selection

Drive A G Wagon

No Huge Down Payment

Everyone Drives

Drive Escalade ESV

No Huge Value Loss

Everyone Drives

Drive A Corvette 

Stop At Anytime

Everyone Drives

Drive  A JEEP

Self Employeed, OK!
Jeep Rental Jacked Up Tricked Out From Exotic-Luxury-Rental.com

Everyone Drives

Drive A Mercedes

Bad Credit, OK!

Everyone Drives

Drive BMW i8

Bankruptcy, OK!

Rent Exotic Cars : BMW i8 rental From Exotic-Luxury-Rental.com

Everyone Drives

We Will Buy Your

Exotic / Luxury Car

And Pay You Up To 20% More Than Carmax & Others

Sell In 3 Easy Steps

Submit Car Info 

Receive Our Offer 

Get Paid

Don’t Lose Thousands On Your Car

We Need: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, BMW, 

Audi R8, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Cadillac, Lotus, Aston Martin, 

Call: 813-444-8188

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Florida, Georgia, & Tennessee


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Delivered To The State Of Tennessee


Delivered To the Satate Of Florida

Pick Up / Return Location

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Exotic Luxury Rental Cars, SUVs, Boats

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3120 46th Ave No

St Petersburg, Fl 33714

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  • Customer Satisfaction Rate Over in the last TEN THOUSAND Rentals (10,000) 98.6% 98.6%

Lae T.

Love the jeep! Look forward to renting again!   Lae T. 

Brandon A.

Had a great time in a great car!  Brenda A.

Mr. Prather was a 5 star host! He was diligent and took his time explaining the features of this wonderful vehicle. The Vette was impeccable! He was helpful, responsive and courteous. I will do business again and again. A true professional ???  Jimmy P.

Daryl F.

HIGHLY recommendable! Efficient drop off and return. great communication about the vehicle and local area and most importantly, the jeep was amazing and fun to drive!  Daryl F.

_____Rental Car Fleet Line Up_____ 

Lamborghini – Ferrari – Maserati – Bentley – Rolls Royce – Range Rover 

Corvette – BMW – Mercedes – Porsche – Cadillac – Jaguar – Audi – JEEP – Aston Martin – McLaren